About Us

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and most importantly, we are a people whose lives have been transformed by the truth and grace of God. While we are still a far from perfect people, we seek to help each other live according to the truth that God has given us in His Word. In so doing, it is our deepest desire to fulfill our ultimate purpose - bringing glory to God


we are one of the oldest churches in this region. Established in 1792, our history goes back to the earliest days of the United States when pioneers like Daniel Boone crossed the Appalachian Mountains in search of new land. Only 16 years younger than our nation, our church was established the same year that Kentucky became a state. Very few churches enjoy such a long and storied history as ours. While we look backwards with great fondness, we believe our wonderful heritage lays a foundation for an even more prosperous future!


we are a Southern Baptist church. That means that we are in friendly cooperation with other Southern Baptist churches. The principle areas in which this cooperation is demonstrated is in our united efforts for missions and theological education. While we do cooperate with non-SBC churches, the level of cooperation depends upon the level of our agreement on important theological and cultural issues. In other words, our level of participation will correspond to our level of agreement.


we are a Bible-believing church. While the term "conservative" is often portrayed as "mean spirited", we seek to hold conservative beliefs while still being a loving and gracious people. We do believe that God's Word is the only true and trustworthy guide for all areas of life. From the Bible, we derive our principles for living.

When it comes to our church's personality

we are truly a multi-generational church. While rare to find in a church our size, we have an extraordinary age range of people. It's not unusual to see kids, teens, college students, singles, young professionals, middle aged adults, or senior adults all sitting on the same row. It's safe to say that we draw people from all walks of life and that we represent the community in which we are located. We believe you'll find someone with your same kind of background!