Christian Education Ministry

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The ministry of the Christian Education Programme (CEP) seeks to help persons to study, understand clearly and apply the word of God in every area of their lives.


The nursery enables parents to leave their little ones (0 to 3 years old) in capable hands while they worship undisturbed. At the same time the little ones are taught bible truths, songs and prayers.


is held for our young ones between the age of three and eight years. Here the gospel is presented by trained personnel in a very simple way that the children can understand and come to know and accept the Lord as their Saviour.

FAMILY FOCUS (Sunday School)

caters to all ages and focuses on getting individuals to know the truth which sets us free. By so doing persons have come to know the Lord as their personal Saviour, some have experienced a closer walk with God and generally persons get a better understanding and are more knowledgeable of God’s word. They are therefore in a better position to share the Gospel of Christ with others.


is normally held for one week in July each summer. It caters to Children in the surrounding communities. Here the message of Salvation is presented along with other bible truths in a fun filled environment which includes Art, Kraft and refreshing treats.


is another programme, runs for one week in July and caters to teenagers. It focusses on the development of the whole person, examines current issues affecting our teens and seeks to equip them with the skills necessary to cope with such issues.


are usually held on Saturday evenings and seek to reach children who do not go to church with the Gospel of Salvation.


is still in its developmental stage. However one unit i.e. the Homework Centre is in operation.  Here children 6 years old and over are assisted with their homework assignments as well as reading and writing in a quiet safe environment. We do have devotion with them and refreshment is provided

Get Involved!!

To get involved you can contact the following individuals:
   Sis. Julia Baines
   Sis Beulah Campbell

You may also contact our church office for additional information